We offer Peer Advisory Groups for both Top and Key Executives.  Our forum groups meet monthly for half-day sessions and offer coaching and personal development components to members.

There are usually three components to every meeting:
Peer Roundtable Discussion


Group members have the opportunity to share questions, updates, best practices and issues to get feedback and advice from their fellow Executive Forum members. Our Forums provide a safe place for business owners to discuss their challenges in order to brainstorm ideas and gain a much broader perspective from peers, away from the day to day pressures of the office.


Educational Component


Each month, a local subject matter expert speaks to our members in the intimate group meeting setting.  Unlike large room speaking presentations, our members can freely ask questions and have in depth discussions that are pertinent to their specific businesses. 

On the rare occassions that a speaker is not scheduled to come in, the forum leader presents workshops that are focused on business trends, strategic concepts, management books and leadership tools to help you be a more effective business owner. 


Focused Executive


Our members have a chance to use the group as a board of advisers for their businesses.  When needed, they are given scheduled time on the agenda to present on any challenge they are facing or new practices they are thinking of implementing in their companies. Meeting regularly with the same group of executives allows your board of advisers to know your backstory and your vision on a much deeper level than a typical board of directors would.  Your board of advisers is able to give you meaningful feedback and implementable advice, allowing you to gain insight from the extensive knowledge and business expertise of your group. This valuable process produces the perspective needed to achieve your goals faster and with more confidence in your decisions. Many members have reported experiencing true breakthroughs in their businesses as a result of this process.

Strategies For Success Retreat


Each year, we hold an off-site retreat at a top destination where significant others are invited to attend. The affiliaition with the national REF organization brings in the latest authors and trainers, who design personalized workshops exclusively for our members to learn and grow in both their personal and professional lives.  


Past topics have included:

•  Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith 

•  The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack
•  The Breakthrough Company by Keith McFarland
•  PEAK - How Great Companies Get their Mojo
 by Chip Conley

•  SCALE - Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back

    by Jeff Hoffman and David Finkel



You have opportunities to meet with Alison Conners and Forum Members one-on-one to receive direct input and advice on all aspects of your business. Some examples include: development of strategic campaigns; identification of market differentiators and sourcing outside vendor partners to help implement action items.


Continual Learning Opportunites


Executive Forum membership provides a wealth of information to members through best selling books, one-on-one coaching, and a national network of subject matter experts. Each month, the national organization hosts an interactive webinar featuring a well known speaker or author that all of our members across the country can attend.  The archived recordings and monthly newsletter summaries ensure that you stay connected to the larger network outside of your own peer group. We also host workshops and seminars that extend to members’ employees, and we develop themed training courses focused on business development for the members' management teams that is unique to REF.


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