Management Team Training - 

Often times, the CEO is inspired by a concept they learn at a Renaissance Executive Forums meeting, and they want to implement that with their teams.  In such instances, you can enroll your entire management team in an annual forum that Alison Conners will hold on-site at your place of business, or your team can meet offsite in a group with other management teams from other member companies. This year-long training program helps build team cohesion while giving your team the tools needed to communicate effectively together.  Each program starts with assessments that show them how to utilize each others' strengths in the most efficient way possible to achieve their common goals. 



Job Benchmarking - 

One of the benefits of belonging to Renaissance Executive Forums is that you have access to hundreds of members from around the country that you can share ideas with.  One of the areas that this comes in handy is for job benchmarking.  Your Renaissance Executive Forum leader can help define the exact job description, profile the traits that the ideal candidate would possess in order to be successful, and then screen your applicants against this benchmark.  This helps standardize the hiring process and remove any personal bias that can occur during the interview process. 


The Value Builder System -

is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company.  Regardless of whether or not you want to sell, your company's value helps determine the level of employees you can attract, the financing option available to you, and the exit strategies you may want to take advantage of when the time comes. Based in John Warrillo's best selling book: Built to Sell, Renaissance Executive Forums has partnered with the Value Builder System to be able to offer our members both the assessment and subsequent workshop to help increase their value score in the 8 key areas that investors look at when researching a business. 


DISC Behavior and Motivators Assesments -

Renaissance Executive Forum leaders are certified in this powerful tool that helps explore what motivates an employees behavior, either individually or as a team.


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