REF is Pleased to Announce a New Peer Group for Sales Executives

Renaissance Executive Forums has partnered with member company Accent Professional

Recruiting to offer the first Sales Executive Forum to the Richmond region.  This peer group is

ideal for anyone who is in charge of the P&L for running a sales team based out of Richmond,

Virginia. If you are managing sales reps below you as well as an executive team above you, this

group is for the people who are stuck in the middle between corporate and the field. 

Meet REF's Certified Sales Forum Leader, Brooke Bolton Hall -


Brooke Bolton Hall joined Accent as a National Recruiter in 2010. In 2019, Brooke purchased the 

company and focus exclusively on placing sales and marketing executives nationally. In 2020,

Accent was ranked by Forbes as #12 in the country for "Best Professional Recruiting Agency".

After seeing the difference that being a member of a Renaissance Executive Forums peer group  

had on Brooke's own business, she decided to start a similar forum for her VP of Sales / Sales

Director clients. Besides being an award-winning business owner and trained REF facilitator

Brooke is also a proud alumni of the University of Virginia! Ask about the sales executive forum.


REF is Proud to Offer the ReWild Exceptional Manager Program

Renaissance Executive Forums has partnered with The ReWild Group to bring their members the most comprehensive manager training course available - the Exceptional Manager Program (EMP). The highly interactive 12-month course utilizes a combination of learning methods to ensure higher levels of understanding and retention among teams. In addition to building skills to manage Staff, Self, Work, and Workplace, your team creates a custom playbook to use moving forward. The Exceptional Manager Program shapes a Management Team into the backbone of an Exceptional Company.  

In most organizations, managers are responsible for the productivity, well-being, and development of 80% of a company’s employees. Yet, most individuals in managerial positions have not received formal training in the skills needed to be an effective manager. It is very common for people in these roles to have grown into them, through excelling in their skill or trade. But the skills needed to be an effective manager are entirely different than the skills needed to be great in an operational position. This results in stagnated growth, financial underperformance, and company leadership spending too much energy on the operations of the business. 


Instead, empower this critical layer of your organization with the mindset, skills, and tools necessary to produce high-functioning teams by enrolling them as a group in the EMP.   Certified facilitator Jennifer Perrow will hold monthly training meetings on-site at your place of business, or your team can join a forum with other management teams from other member companies.


Meet REF's Certified EMP Facilitator, Jennifer Perrow -


Helping small businesses become growth engines is Jennifer’s mission as an executive coach. Her strategy: help clients create powerful processes and profitability, as well as build a strong leadership team and culture. Jennifer’s background as co-founder and CEO of an IT services firm and director of operations for a rapidly growing regional property management company have equipped her to meet clients at their current stage of growth. It’s from this launching point she’s able to provide tools to resolve issues and anticipate future challenges rather than wasting time and money chasing quick fixes. A graduate of the University of Virginia now based in Richmond, Va., Jennifer leads statewide Exceptional Manager Programs through Renaissance Executive Forums and serves individual clients globally. Email Jennifer for more information.


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