Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS of Virginia places non-competing business leaders into Peer Advisory Round-tables to gain outside perspective and expert advice from members running a wide variety of companies of all sizes and industries. Each meeting is professionally facilitated under NDA so members can speak freely to find solutions together.



Our Peer Advisory Groups provide feedback and insight into best practices to keep you focused on your goals. As a creative business leader, you become part of a community of supportive colleagues who are wiser and more effective collectively than they are when working in isolation. There are many Executive Forum groups in Virginia to accommodate all types of executives.




strives to help our members 

efficiently run their companies and professional lives while effectively adapting to changing markets and emerging technologies, through shared learning and peer advice from other like minded decision makers.

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2021 Update:

Renaissance Executive Forums of Virginia will be closing as of January 1, 2021.

REF corporate is still operational and can be found at www.ExecutiveForums.com


Virginia REF owner Alison Conners can still be found in the RVA business community, running a membership based network for B2B business leaders called CEO Curator.

Check out the published directory at www.CEOcurator.com

NOW is the time to rely on a group of your peers (virtually)!

Virtual peer groups for COVID planning

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